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Botany - the science of plants

Botany is the science that studies plants, their development, structure, geographic distribution, etc. It studies the vital features of plant organisms, the connection of plants with their living conditions, the evolution of the plant world, the regularities in the formation of the Earth’s vegetation cover, and many other issues related in one way or another Kingdom of plants.

The life of a person since its appearance on Earth is connected with the world of plants. Plants satisfied his needs for food, clothing, housing construction, and healing. Throughout the long history of botany, knowledge has been accumulated not only about the structure and characteristics of plant life, but also about the relationships with other organisms and their ecological role, new technologies and methods of research have been developed. At present, botanical science is divided into a number of independent, but simultaneously interrelated disciplines.

The value of botany

Modern botany is diverse and wide. The appearance of separate directions and disciplines did not lead to their complete isolation. On the contrary, joint research is gaining in importance, many of the works are carried out at the junction of several disciplines. From this point of view, botany remains a unified science, certain directions complement each other. At the present time, the successes of genetics and molecular biology influence the development of botany, mathematical, physical and chemical methods of research are widely used. Simultaneously with the development of fundamental botanical disciplines, its applied branches are developing: plant growing, forestry, pharmacology and perfumery. Great role of botany in increasing the productivity of cultivated plants, in solving the world food problem. The ecology of botany grows: problems such as the rational use of the plant world and the preservation of its gene pool, protection of plants from man-caused and other unfavorable factors, come to the fore.

The value of botany in the modern world is extremely large, which is primarily determined by the value of its object – plants – in nature and human life.