How to Write a Dissertation on Human Resource Management

HRM dissertations are the papers required from each candidate who wishes to get a degree in human resource management. It is important to allot some time for completing a dissertation even when one needs to work and to prepare for other classes simultaneously. But there is no choice. It’s impossible to get a degree unless the paper is completed. It’s hard to deny that such type of writing demands a lot of effort and patience and below you’ll find some tips that will help you to cope with the task.


First of all, think carefully about the topic of your HRM assignment. Make sure it is creative and exclusive. Also, one needs to discuss the proposal on HRM with his instructor. After that, proceed to wring. A good paper needs to reflect all the work you’ve done while preparing it. And moreover, one needs to know if thoroughly in order to be able to defend your point and to ask the questions which can be asked.

Difficulties with dissertation on Human Resource Management

Delivering a high-quality paper is rather difficult due to a number of reasons. Here are the areas that confuse the students most often:

Choosing a good topic

Dissertations, as well as HRM research papers, demand interesting and concrete topic. If you are lost in hundreds of matters, ask your colleague what is interesting to them, or choose the one which looks exciting to you.

Planning the schedule

Dissertation writing is really time-consuming activity and one needs to plan it thoroughly. Allot enough time for working on each part and for checking the draft.

Collecting the information from the appropriate sources

It’s vital to use credible and reliable sources for your work. Reliable HRM research articles and books can be found in databases and library catalogs. The sources in such articles are considered as reliable because they have been peer-reviewed by the professionals.

The content

Sounds simple, but it is a real problem for many authors – understanding of the HRM topic. Besides, it’s vital to make sure you know the language and the dialect the university prefers.


It is important to cite all the sources you have used, and even if you didn’t use the direct quotation but only expressed a thought inspired by one of the scholars – such thought needs to be cited as well. Otherwise, your work will be considered as plagiarized.

An Introduction

Provide a brief explanation of the chosen topic and explain why you are working on the paper.

Terms and theories

Your work will surely contain some specific terms and theories and your task will be to explain them.

Literature review

In this part, you have to give a brief overview of the works on your topic. The review will be supporting the conclusion section.

The primary research

The research is needed for proving your hypothesis. Actually, this section is the most important one and the university will judge how you comprehend the subject judging from this part.

The conclusion

In the conclusion part one has to state whether he has achieved the set goals regarding the research findings. Additionally, there should be no unanswered questions in the conclusion.

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